What is OneGiga™

OneGiga – a factory dedicated for fast charging technology.

OneGiga is a manufacturing facility of StoreDot which will be fully dedicated to the manufacturing of StoreDot's flash battery, a proprietary fast charging technology, that will be sold to third parties.

The facility is planned to be located on a 150,000 Square meter property (ramping in 2022) with initial manufacturing capacity of 1GWh, scalable to 10GWh.


Li-ion Battery Market


Over Demand of Li-ion Batteries

With accelerated adoption of Electric Vehicles, a major over-demand for batteries is expected starting 2020. Over 100 of Gigafactories are expected to be built to support increased demand (Elon Musk, Nov 2016) and companies owning captive battery production capacity will be able to capitalize on the major shortages. In order to ensure supply continuity, FlashBattery technology will be produced at a StoreDot's OneGiga starting 2022.

Li-ion cells
Li-ion Packs



OneGiga location is currently being evaluated, considering locations such as China, US or Europe. The facility will be on a 150,000 m2 property, located closely to essential raw material suppliers as well as end customers. With 500 up to 1,000 employees that are needed to manage and operate the facility, its planned location will allow the recruitment of talented people.


OneGiga will be equipped with state-of-the-art tailor made equipment in order to allow nanomaterials processing, with special grinding and mixing equipment, and for special cell coating and assembly technology, to allow very thin and precise coating.


Initially the capacity of OneGiga will stand on 1GWh/yr. with the ability to scale-up to 10GWh/yr. OneGiga will be ready for mass production by 2022 and is expected to reach it max capacity by 2025.

State of the art equipment

StoreDot's Flash Battery Technology


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OneGiga Factory Main Parameters


About StoreDot

StoreDot Ltd. ( is a leader in the innovation of materials for batteries. StoreDot FlashBattery – an instant charging battery – able to charge to its full capacity in just 5 minutes. OneGiga factory will allow StoreDot to have the ability to continuously support key OEM customers, enable faster introduction of future technologies and manufacturing processes.

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